Easy At-Home Salon Blowout

Want a salon quality blowout without the price tag? Hereโ€™s my best tips for achieving a blow-dry that will last you 3-4 days (or more ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) Products used: Aveda Paddlebrush Aveda Smooth Infusion Styling Creme Aveda Volumizing Tonic Duck Clips Olivia Garden Nano Thermic Ceramic Ion Brush, 2 1/8 Inch Rusk DeepShine Dryer Aveda … Continue reading Easy At-Home Salon Blowout

Criss Cross Half Up Updo Tutorial

This simple half up style is great for a special event like prom, a wedding, or a gala! Try it out today! https://youtu.be/oQQbO87g2ks   Products used: Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo Aveda Shampure Dry Conditioner Marianna Black Bobby Pins Sally Beauty Black Rattail Comb Chi Enviro 54 Hairspray Makeup I'm Wearing: https://youtu.be/TrpDhBCxJb0   Curling your hair: … Continue reading Criss Cross Half Up Updo Tutorial

How to Fake Beach Waves

The beach is a wonderful place. Salt (or not, if you're a Michigander like me), sand, waves crashing, gentle breezes, tall grasses- all of these things come to mind. Life is more peaceful at the beach and hair is more casual and less fussy. Here's a tutorial I made on creating a fake beach wave … Continue reading How to Fake Beach Waves

Easy Stacked Buns Updo

Hello again! Today we are going to talk through the steps to a beautiful, simple updo. This updo is great for a special event, a classy soiree, or just a day when you have dirty hair and want to look pretty!  https://youtu.be/k6sLMjPfvcs Step one, start with slightly dirty hair- you can use freshly washed hair, … Continue reading Easy Stacked Buns Updo

Vintage Waves

Hey there! Today's tutorial is based on a video tutorial I recently did.  https://youtu.be/q1xGIM6qCPo Vintage waves are perfect for a special event, date night, or just a day when you want to look extra fabulous! After filming this tutorial (found here), I went to work at my salon and received so many compliments! And you can … Continue reading Vintage Waves

Workout Hair: Tightropes

So you're about to head to the gym and you want to look extra cool today-  French braids are just out of the question (ain't nobody got time for that) and the floppy ponytail just won't cut it. I got you! Wow your workout buddies at your next spin class, boot camp, or yoga session … Continue reading Workout Hair: Tightropes

Loose Waves

In a perfect world, we all have perfectly imperfect, loose, beachy waves every day. Heck, in a perfect world, we wouldn't have to do anything and our hair would look like that. But, alas, this is not a perfect world. Those perfectly messy waves require some training and work. But it IS possible ๐Ÿ™‚ https://youtu.be/laoBsJ0JI-w In … Continue reading Loose Waves

An Indiana Wedding

This weekend, I had the honor of being a part of my little brother's wedding in Indianapolis- in many ways. I did the bride (now my sister-in-law's) hair, along with four bridesmaids' hair and my beautiful mama's hair. I love doing hair for weddings- in fact, one of the things that prompted me to start … Continue reading An Indiana Wedding

Half Top Knot

Looking for an easy, lazy day style? Look no further. Try out the new hair trend that's sweeping the nation- or possibly already swept the nation and now us mid-west girls are just figuring it out. A half-top knot is so easy and so trendy and so cute and so fresh. You should give it … Continue reading Half Top Knot

Easy Workout Hair and Makeup

I know, I know, you don't want to have to wear makeup at the gym. I don't either. And sometimes, I just skip it altogether. But if I have an extra 5 minutes to look pretty and awake and alive, I do this quick routine.  https://youtu.be/rbfyyWmEvF4 First, I wash, dry, and moisturize my face. I … Continue reading Easy Workout Hair and Makeup