Summer Trends with The GR Girl

A few weeks ago, I was totally stoked when I was contacted by Sara Visser, who writes one of my favorite blogs,  The GR Guide. Sara wanted to do a makeover session! So of course, I bounced around in my living room for a few minutes then calmly responded to Sara’s message with a giant YES!

This past weekend, we were able to carve some time into our schedules to get together at the salon I work at, Coiffeteria. I couldn’t wait to see what Sara was thinking and In the consultation, Sara brought in this picture of Sienna Miller with an awesome beachy blonde look.


I think we pretty much nailed it! Keep reading for all the details.

Sara has a pretty dark blonde natural color, and super long hair, so I knew we had some work to do!

I started out by cutting off about 3.5 inches of Sara’s hair. I then added some long, soft layers to accent the wavy style she planned on wearing.

After finishing the dry haircut, I added a bunch of baby lights (basically teeny-tiny, itsy-bitsy amounts of hair in regular foils) throughout her entire head. I strategically placed a bunch of the baby lights very close to Sara’s hairline for a POP of brightness. I brought the highlights a bit further apart as I moved through the crown and back of the head. This mimics what the sun actually does to your hair when you spend a lot of time basking in it. Because we’re adults, and we don’t actually have time to bask in the sun for hours and hours like we did as kids (not to mention the hazards of skin cancer), it’s awesome that we can achieve this look with a few hours and some Aveda Color!

To style Sara’s hair, I used Aveda Smooth Infusion Styling Creme on the ends and Pure Abundance Style Prep on the roots when it was wet. Then I blew it dry with just a blow dryer and my fingers. When the hair was almost dry, I used a round brush to smooth out frizz.

When it was completely dry, I used a 1″ GHD styler to create a beach wave. After curling the whole head, I used Aveda Air Control Hairspray to set it in place and add texture. That sounds like a lot of steps, but it’s totally do-able for a daily style. Plus, a style like this will last 2-3 days with minor tweaking in the morning.

I had a great time with Sara and you should totally check out The GR Guide for all the updates on everything Grand Rapids!



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