Exploring Creation

Beauty is not just how we look. It’s not just about us at all. Beauty can be found in everything around us- nature, architecture, paintings, photographs, flowers, wood grains, the list goes on.

My favorite way to discover beauty and become re-inspired is to literally explore creation on foot. The best way (in my opinion) to explore a place on foot is to go for a run.

Yesterday I had an unexpected extra hour of time (due to a cancellation at the salon) and I decided rather than sitting and twiddling my thumbs, I’d go outside and get some exercise.

I got about a mile and a half in to my usual route through the park and I was forced to try a new path because the park I run in had been flooded! It forced me to try something new and it was so good for my mind.

There’s something to be said for having a “usual”, an “expected”; but yesterday, I had to use my brain constructively to come up with a new path and I discovered a new part of God’s creation that I had never experienced before. I ran through the Veterans Cemetery next to the Grand Rapids Veterans Home, and was reminded of the sacrifice many families make by sending their loved ones to fight for our freedom.

This small cemetery was packed with white, uniform gravestones. So many people who gave their life or a part of their life to make our country better. The trees were starting to bloom and flower, and the park is set on a gentle, rolling hill. There’s beauty in places like this.

I was reminded also of the sacrifice that Christ made for me. He came to Earth to become a sacrifice for the world’s sin. He died so that we can live. He actually defeated death. How amazing.

So try a new route today. Discover beauty and be reminded that it’s not all about you.



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