Vintage Waves

Hey there! Today’s tutorial is based on a video tutorial I recently did. 

Screenshot 2017-03-14 07.59.13Screenshot 2017-03-14 07.59.55

Vintage waves are perfect for a special event, date night, or just a day when you want to look extra fabulous! After filming this tutorial (found here), I went to work at my salon and received so many compliments! And you can too!

Start with 100% dry hair. It can be freshly washed or dirty, just make sure to use a product with hold when blow-drying like Aveda Volumizing Tonic. Run an Aveda Paddlebrush through your hair to ensure even curling.

Part your hair on the side you normally would NOT part on. This will give you extra volume on the front “money piece” (in the hair world, we call the front section the “money piece” because it’s the first thing you see in the mirror and it’s the first thing people see when they look at your face). I know it feels awkward, but just go with it!

Clip up the top half of your hair. If you have extra thick, dense hair, use 3 or 4 sections rather than just two.

Screenshot 2017-03-14 08.00.10Screenshot 2017-03-14 08.00.43

Use a curling iron (I like Hottools 1 1/4″ marcel iron for my hair length) to curl large subsections of your hair. Start by directing the curls away from your face and continue to use the same pattern all the way around your head. Curl from about 2 inches down the hair strand all the way to the ends. Hold the curling iron on the subsection you’re curling for no more than 3 seconds.

If the curl isn’t holding well, try making the subsection smaller, checking the heat on your curling iron, and make sure your hair is completely dry. DO NOT hold the curling iron in place for more than 3 seconds. It will start to burn your hair.

You can also curl one subsection too many times. Try to avoid curling each subsection more than twice. The hair will not respond to the iron well if you go over it too many times.

I go back and forth on whether I like to use hairspray before using a curling iron. I’ve found that it really depends on the type of hairspray you are using. A stickier hairspray -like the Chi Enviro 54 Hairspray- will stick to the curling iron and damage your hair. If you use a small amount of a lighter, dryer hairspray, and it doesn’t stick to the curling iron when you test a curl, than you’re probably okay using a little hairspray before curling to help the curl stay. I like Aveda Air Control Hairspray as a “working” hairspray. My hair was already styled with a product with hold before curling, so the curl held well.

Screenshot 2017-03-14 08.00.58Screenshot 2017-03-14 08.03.32Screenshot 2017-03-14 08.04.03

Continue moving around the head in the same direction with your curling iron, doing the same curl on each subsection. When you finish the bottom section, spray with Chi Enviro 54 Hairspray and move on to the top section. When you finish the top half, spray again and let it cool before the next step.

Screenshot 2017-03-14 08.04.40Screenshot 2017-03-14 08.05.17

Use an Aveda Paddlebrush to brush all of your hair. This may produce some static, but that’s what hairspray is for! This will create shiny, vintage-style waves that are totally of-the-moment! Run your fingers through the waves to separate a few and add shine. Spray one final round of hairspray and you’re done!

Screenshot 2017-03-14 07.58.48Screenshot 2017-03-14 08.06.46Screenshot 2017-03-14 08.06.22


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