An Indiana Wedding

This weekend, I had the honor of being a part of my little brother’s wedding in Indianapolis- in many ways. I did the bride (now my sister-in-law’s) hair, along with four bridesmaids’ hair and my beautiful mama’s hair. I love doing hair for weddings- in fact, one of the things that prompted me to start this career was the draw of being a helpful part of special events behind the scenes. 

Alana (my sister)’s up-do has fishtail braids and lots of whimsical curls. It’s funny how each bridesmaid has such a different hair-type and personal style and it’s completely reflected in the hair style they chose for this wedding. Kate, the bride (and my new sister, let’s not forget), gave us free-reign on our hair styles, which is very fun! 

This next style was half-up, and for Danielle, I pinned the top up to look woven and textured. The rest was simply curled with a one inch curling iron, which is what I used on all the bridesmaids. A one inch iron is a very versatile, and I probably use it more than any other size iron. 

Megan has a very easy-going, free-spirited style, and you can see it reflected in her boho side-braid and natural curls. I did enhance and smooth her natural curls with a one inch curling iron. This braid is called an inside-out French braid or a Dutch braid. 

Sara wanted a double Dutch braid style with a bun centered on the back of her head. I braided both sides, then combined them into one center braid, pulled the braids apart a bit to give them some volume, and twisted and pinned them into a smooth braided bun. 

Taylor’s natural curl was so beautiful, I  worked with it to create a textured top knot with volume and a Dutch braid up the back. She usually wears her hair naturally curly, so this style was a good way to pair her own style with a more formal vibe. 

I will have to post again when I have a few pictures of the bride’s hair- she was a bit busy and I didn’t get my own picture of her hair! Overall, it was a beautiful wedding, and I’m so happy for my brother and his beautiful bride!

Watching my creations at work “on stage” for all to see is something I don’t get to do very often, so it was a blessing to be behind the scenes, then later, to be a part of the wedding. I’m grateful to Kate and Tyler for this amazing opportunity. 


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