Hey There!

Welcome to my blog! I’ve decided to give this a whirl because I enjoy writing, taking photos, and teaching my guests about hair and makeup. I get a lot of the same questions over and over at the salon I work at, Coiffeteria in East Grand Rapids, MI. Some of the questions I’d like to try and answer through this site are:

How do you create perfect loose waves?

What do I ask for when getting my hair colored and cut?

What is the perfect haircut for my face shape?

Do I need hair color?

What is up-and-coming in beauty right now?

So hopefully, over time, I can answer a few of these questions with videos and pictures.

I’ve been doing hair behind the chair now for 6 years, and before that, I was always the unofficial team hair braider and homecoming hair-doer for many friends and family. I love the beauty industry, and I love to bring inner beauty to the outside with hair and makeup that compliment your personality and style.

I hope you enjoy reading through my blog!


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